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Newsletter Archives

July 2008

The Gear, The Bone and Vegas Going South/Metronome Lesson

Why Buy Handmade?/Metronome Lesson II and Simple Licks 

September 2008

DIY Guitar Repair and Setups/Restringing Guide

October 2008

Something New/Sixteenth Notes Lesson

November 2008

Good News/Short and Sweet Lesson

December 2008

Partsocasters/Ties Lesson

February 2009

Amp Closeout/Technique Lesson

March 2009

The Emulsifier/Anticipation Lesson

July 2009

A Brief History of Guitar/Triplets Lesson

January 2010

 Noah Fiorentino, Clay Conner, Recital/Applied Rhythm Lesson

February 2010

The Articles of Tone/Rests Lesson

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