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Guru say, "Buy raffle tickets; may prove advantageous"

Good News

by The Guru Crew


     We have decided to have an "Open House" instead of a "Grand Opening".  Although the title has changed we are still planning all of the same things aside from food items and other things that usually get associated with a grand opening (balloons, clowns, party hats, etc.).

     It will happen the 15th of November 11a-7p.  We have a couple things in the works that many of you will be very pleased about. 



Custom Guitar Raffle!

     One the events that will begin at the open house is a raffle for the choice between two of our handmade guitars at the store (pictured below).   There are only two hundred tickets available.  This means all entrants will have a minimum of a 1 in 200 chance of winning a $2300 hundred dollar guitar!  You may buy up to 20 tickets which yields the best odds at 1 in 10!  We will draw the winner New Years eve of 2008.  All tickets will be posted in our store so you can keep track of how many people have entered and see how many tickets are left when you come to buy your ticket.  The cost of each ticket is $10.00.  This is a fairly large risk for us because our guitars are one of a kind and take countless hours to make.  Even if we sell all 200 hundred tickets we will still take a loss on the guitar.  Please tell all of your friends to stop by and support Guru Guitars and take a chance at winning a great instrument!



Custom Guitar Discounts

     Many of you have been to the store and have seen our handmade guitars.  We will be offering some killer discounts on them on Open House day only.  Prices will be posted that day.


Door Prizes

     We will have some cool door prizes available at the Open House.  Stop by and you may win one!


-Restringing Kits

-D'Addario EXPs and restring on the house

-Ernie Ball String Wipes

-Guitar Humidifiers

-Bruce Emery's "Guitar From Scratch" Books

-And an instrument that will remain nameless



Stomp by and sign up for one or all of the following classes:


Mark Auble           Amp Bias


Bruce Emery        Pickin' Session


Tim Ristau            Informational Tube Amp Class


Critcher/Reinert   Guitar Care and Maintenance Class




We have posted store hours!

Monday through Saturday 11am-7pm

Closed Sunday


Our lesson program is under way and we are currently accepting students.  We will be scheduling students anytime during business hours including Saturdays!


If you have old gear you don't use or are looking to upgrade, we take trade-ins and buy used instruments or amplifiers.


We have a nice selection of Seymour Duncan pickups (including the new P-Rails) in house.  If you are looking to upgrade your Squier or Epiphone we will give you a great deal on the install.  We can also do some fun mods to give you more tones out of your guitar.


We will be offering gift cards for the Christmas season.



Short and Sweet  (PDF)

by The Guru


     Just a reminder that all of our newsletters are archived and any mini lessons you have missed can be accessed through them!


    Before I start with ties I want to do a short and sweet lesson.  Take any scale that you know fairly well or one that you are working on getting smoother and do the following:



1. Set your metronome to 80bpm (or whatever is comfortable).


2.  Play the scale forward and backward, down picking every note.  Each note that you play should be right on a click.  Fig. 1


3.   Next play each note in the scale two times per click (staying at the same bpm) going through the scale forward and backward  as before.  The feel is eighth notes.  This time you will play a down pick and up pick on each note.  Fig. 2


4.   Next  play each note four times per click (at the same bpm) going through the scale in the same manor.  Again, use alternate picking for this one.  The feel here is sixteenth notes.  Fig. 3


It is a great exercise in control.   Make sure to keep the divisions even and change notes at each click.  Ultimately you can do this with any number of divisions (3, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc.) 


Do you have a question about the lesson in this column?  If so, email


     If you would like to contribute a lesson to the column send an email of the lesson to  It needs to be clean, professional, short and sweet with all necessary diagrams attached.  I'll review everyone's offering and pick the one I want in the column.  If you are picked you'll receive a $5 credit at Guru Guitars.


Local Music Advertising


    We would like to see some of you musicians promote your bands in our newsletter.  There is a chance we may also feature your music at our store.  If you are interested email us or stop by the store.  Local music is an important part of our business and we hope to work with you all in developing a great place for musicians who want honest services and connections.








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