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by The Guru Crew


     Howard and I have been building guitars for customers for 5 years now.  We've taken a lot of time in developing our methods and learning new ways to create great instruments.  We use no pre-made necks or bodies so there is a certain uniqueness to each of our instruments.  This makes a guitar's cost much higher.  A huge amount of time and energy goes into each one.

     I am happy to say that we are now offering something new.  We have assembled what we like to call a parts-o-caster (a bolt on style guitar assembled using pre-made parts).  This will allow us to sell a killer axe for half of what we sell our handmade guitars for.  The one below is our first one.   Made from a Fender Licensed Pewter colored ash body and maple/rosewood neck.  It has a Vintage Stack Seymour Duncan in the neck and a Little '59 Seymour Duncan in the bridge.  There is a push/push tone pot so the player can cut the coils and enter into a little more traditional tone.  Hipshot Tuners round off the sweet look and feel of this guitar. 

     We can also take custom orders for these.  You can order a certain body color, neck, pickups, hardware, etc.  We are preparing a book with the all the parts that you can select from to make it a fun and exciting process! It's basically like building your dream guitar without having to spend $2000.  We are selling this one for $950.


Custom Guitar Raffle!

     The Raffle is on!  We have sold 82 of the 200 tickets available.  We very much appreciate everyone who has bought a ticket (some of you bought more).  That being said we really need to sell the remaining 120 tickets.  If we don't we'll eat a huge a chunk of time and energy.  This is something we'd like to continue doing; possibly at the holiday season each year.  It's hard for me to imagine another 120 people coming and buying a raffle ticket before the draw date December 31, 2008.  So I'll ask those of you who get this letter to pass the raffle along to anyone who might be interested.  It would be a huge help to us and we would very much appreciate it.  The drawing will be held at 6pm New Years Eve.  You do not have to be present to win but we sure would like to have the winner present!  Thanks again!



Interesting Inventory


Here are a few of our interesting guitars:


Gibson SB-300 $1200


One of 900 made between 71-73. Short Scale.




Silvertone Jupiter $590


This guitar has a vintage vibe and a tone that goes with it!  This guitar was in rough shape when we purchased it.  We pulled the frets planed the board and refretted it with jumbo wire.  It plays like a champ!










(interesting inventory continued)


Gibson Nighthawk


This guitar is also a rare item.  Few were made over a short period of time.  They have a unique shape, interesting pickup combination and a killer tone.  We recently lowered the price to $895.00!










Gift Certificates are now available!!


Store Hours

Monday through Saturday


Closed Sunday




Our lesson program is under way and we are currently accepting students.  We will be scheduling students anytime during business hours including Saturdays!


If you have old gear you don't use or are looking to upgrade, we take trade-ins and buy used instruments or amplifiers.


Pickups are a huge part of the tone of a guitar.  We have installed many after market pickups in a wide variety of guitars.  The folks that have had this done have been very pleased.  I recently installed a set of BG Pups in a Gibson SG and the guitar sounds amazing.  We also have Seymour Duncan Pickups available along with many other brands that we can order.  We can also mod your guitar to give you more tonal variation.


Critcher Guitar with the new P-Rails installed

They are the most versatile pickup to date and we are excited to demo them for you!


Critcher guitar with the new P-Rails








All of our newsletters are archived and any mini lessons you have missed can be accessed through them!


Ties (Sheet Music PDF)

by The Guru


     Ties are a great way to add some flare to your music.  They allow you to create syncopated rhythms that mix up the feel and style of solos, melody lines, etc.

     Ties are simply what they state.  They tie two or more  notes of the same pitch together on the staff.  This is annotated in Fig. 1.   When notes are tied together the second and subsequent notes are not picked but ring out for the duration of their rhythmical value.  Fig. 2 shows some more interesting examples.  There are endless combinations of ties that can be used.  Fig. 3 takes the rhythm of Fig. 2. and adds more interesting notes to it.  This should help you develop a feel before adding your left hand into the mix. Fig. 4 is a little more complex but gives you a good idea of what is possible with ties.  Fig. 5 is simple but it reinforces the idea.

     Remember that the metronome is your friend.  You can use it to help you dissect rhythm that may confuse you.  If this is too difficult, go back to the previous lessons that are archived and start there.  It will come together if you are diligent using the metronome to learn the basic subdivisions.  Enjoy!




Do you have a question about the lesson in this column?  If so, email


     If you would like to contribute a lesson to the column send an email of the lesson to  It needs to be clean, professional, short and sweet with all necessary diagrams attached.  I'll review everyone's offering and pick the one I want in the column.  If you are picked you'll receive a gift from Guru Guitars.










Local Music Advertising


    We would like to see some of you musicians promote your bands in our newsletter.  There is a chance we may also feature your music at our store.  If you are interested email us or stop by the store.  Local music is an important part of our business and we hope to work with you all in developing a great place for musicians who want honest services and connections.


On display now we have 2 acoustic selections by Bruce Emery accompanied by David McKnight.  One is a Christmas CD!  They sound great and are a nice addition to any library!  Thanks Bruce!











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