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Make Your Own


     Amp builder Mark Auble from AA Systems has come up with an affordable kit amplifier for those who are interested in building there own tube amp!  We are looking for people who would like to sign up to buy a kit and participate in the class.  No date has been set because there will be more than one session (it will take about 5 hours to put amp together).

     A week ago, Mark brought over two of his finished kit-amps to the store and they both sound great.  One of the best parts is the kits are setup so they can be easily modified later (for those who want to learn how to mod).  There will be basic building instructions  and techniques given during the class, but it is recommended that you know how to solder before signing up.  If you are interested, email us with your information and we can start prepping for the class. 




Interesting Inventory


We are clearing out some of our amplifier stock.  Here are a few that we are selling at great prices:



Traynor Custom Valve 40 (YCV40)




1-12 in. Celestion speaker

Two channels

All tube chassis: 3 X 12AX7WA, 2 X 5881 WXT

Separate tone controls for each channel

Footswitchable channel & gain boost (footswitch included)


46 lbs.



Traynor Custom Valve 80 (YCV80)



Same as the Custom Valve 40 except it is 80 watts and has 2-12" speakers.


If you have not heard of Traynor Amps, click here to check out their website!


Line 6 Flextone III




1-12 in. speaker guitar combo

Four channels

32 Vetta-based amp modules

12 premium effects

16 mix-n-match cab options

Tap tempo control

Gate and comp buttons

47 lbs.

This amp is in great shape and produces every sound you could imagine at living room or stage volume.










Store Hours

Monday through Saturday


Closed Sunday


Guru Guitars has a friendly and focused lesson program.  We schedule students anytime during business hours including Saturdays!


If you have old gear that you don't use, or you are looking to upgrade, we take trade-ins and buy used instruments/amplifiers.


We have a guitar with Seymour Duncan P-Rails installed!  They are the most versatile pickup to date and we are excited to let you try them!


Gift Certificates are available.  Great for birthday gifts!






All of our newsletters are archived and any mini lessons you have missed can be accessed through them!



The Mechanic

(Sheet Music PDF)

by The Guru


   Working on technique each day will expand your playing and give you more confidence almost immediately.  It is hard to make your self do it, but it's worth it.  Fig. 1 shows the main pattern of this technique exercise.  Make sure you keep the alternate picking pattern and stay with the metronome.  If you can't do it at a certain speed, slow it down and try again until you can play it.  You can also work out the mechanics of it without the metronome and add it after you can physically play the exercise.  If you are a beginner you can do all down picks or all up picks to make it easier.  If you are advanced you can play each set of 4 notes as sixteenth notes and speed it up from there.  Fig. 2 shows a variation coming back down.  You can start this variation as far up the board as you like.  I have it starting at the 15th fret because that is how far up I normally go on my acoustic guitar.  Fig. 3 is a variation that mixes up the order of the fingers and fig. 4 finishes the exercise coming back down with another variation.  All of these use the same half step moves to travel up and down the fretboard.  Enjoy!





Do you have a question about the lesson in this column?  If so, email


     If you would like to contribute a lesson to the column send an email of the lesson to  It needs to be clean, professional, short and sweet with all necessary diagrams attached.  I'll review everyone's offering and pick the one I want in the column.  If you are picked you'll receive a gift from Guru Guitars!






Local Music Advertising



    We would like to promote your band in our newsletter!


There is a chance we may also display your music at our store.  If you are interested,   stop by.  Local music is an important part of our business and we hope to work with you all in developing a great place for musicians who want honest services and connections.


On display now


2 acoustic selections by Bruce Emery accompanied by David McKnight.  They sound great and are a nice addition to any library!  Thanks Bruce!








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