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Guru say, "Low rider bring on the bass."


Fiorentino Guitars

by Eugene Reinert


     Howard and I met Noah Fiorentino at Roberto-Venn in Phoenix, AZ seven years ago.  Six years later, when we opened Guru Guitars, we approached Noah and asked if he'd be up for hanging some instruments in the shop.  He accepted, and has been a presence on our handmade guitar wall since.

     Noah's basses are getting a lot of attention (click here to see them).  From the wood selection to the final product they are unique and call for some praise.  He is a very talented wood worker which shows in simple details such as hand turned wood knobs and tasteful accents.  Noah has also built countless guitars for Terry McInturff and it is reflected in his original work. 

     Noah has three basses at the shop and they are killer.  Come by and check them out when you have a  minute.


Clay Conner

by Eugene Reinert


     We have a new addition to the Guru Guitars family.  Clay Conner arrived in early November with the guitar building fever that Howard and I share.  It's great to have someone who is talented and skilled working with us.  We are so thankful to have him here and we're looking forward to all of the new things that come of it.  Click here to see some of Clay's guitars.


Guru Stompboxes


We are continuing to make cool looking great sounding stompboxes.  This was a custom order for a regular customer.  We are also in process of making a 100% original Guru overdrive/distortion that will be extremely versatile and like nothing else on the market.  We'll keep you posted!




Winter Recital


Thanks to all of the students who participated in the Guru Guitars 2009 Winter Recital!  We had a great time seeing all of you perform and we're looking forward to the next one.


Tube Amp Class Winter 2009


This last amp class was really amazing.  We had four great students who really excelled.  This really solidified that an amp class is a great thing for guitarists and hobbyists.  The finished products are really amazing.  I can't wait till the next one.  Mark will be guiding the class through building a 5E3 Deluxe 1 watt version!

















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Applied Rhythm

(Sheet Music PDF)

by The Guru


     Up to this point, the lessons in this column have been guiding guitarists in rhythm and technique.  For this one I decided to go ahead and put some of these ideas together, to show the many uses of rhythm in lead playing.  I will combine all of the subdivisions, ties and tricks that I've shown you which means you can go back and reference previous lessons to brush up if you get stuck.  I've inserted rests in these licks and a key at the top to show what the symbols look like for each note value.  Rests are simply lengths of time that you don't play any notes and the instrument is silent.  They last for the same amount of time that the note would be played for (i.e. an 1/8 note rest lasts for an 1/8 note).  I'll follow up and do a more extensive lesson on rests next time.



Do you have a question about the lesson in this column?  If so, email


     If you would like to contribute a lesson to the column send an email of the lesson to  It needs to be clean, professional, short and sweet with all necessary diagrams attached.  I'll review everyone's offering and pick the one I want in the column.  If you are picked you'll receive a gift from Guru Guitars!











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