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The Emulsifier



     A couple of months ago I was searching for an LED to fix an MXR pedal that we had at the store.  My search brought me to a large brown grocery sack that was full of semiconductors, resistors, capacitors and the like.  I managed to find the appropriate LED and, to my surprise, an effect box that I had built years ago from the comfort of my kitchen table.  A clean boost/overdrive made clip-on style so a player could attach it to the guitar strap and switch it on and adjust the boost by hand.  It was a fun idea but it wore off and eventually; I put it in the brown sack I mentioned earlier.

     Howard asked me what it was. I explained and plugged it in for a test.   When I first played through it, Howard stuck his head out from behind the repair room with a look of surprise and commented on how great it sounded.  We decided it was something we should bring to our customers.   I built a prototype to make sure we could recreate the sweet sound from the original one.  With a little tweaking we got it where we liked it.  It's called "The Emulsifier."  Stop by the shop and try it, we'd love to hear what you think.    Currently we are building them to order so it takes a little while to get them.  We are about two weeks to a month out.






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by The Guru


     Anticipating the downbeat is one of the most useful tools for a lead guitar player.  It's a very simple idea that fits in all styles of music.  Fig. 1 shows a very basic example.  The note is picked on the eighth  note before the first beat of the measure and rings out through beat one. Simply stated, the note is picked earlier than the downbeat and tied to the downbeat which makes it feel pushed or early.  It occurs on last eighth note of beat three as well.  In Fig. 2.  the anticipation occurs in the same manner before beat one.  In this example it also happens on the last sixteenth note of beat two.   In Fig. 3 and 4 I used anticipation to flow into more interesting combinations of subdivisions.  Be creative and create your own! 




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